Legal Proceedings For A Traumatic Experience

One of the worst events in my life happened a few months ago. I was in a car accident with a man who hit my car from the back. As soon as his car hit mine, life flashed before my eyes in an instant. The airbags went off and covered my face. It was quite disorienting, and after I came to my senses, I realized I was injured.

The other driver drove away before I could identify him. Luckily the police were able to catch him, thanks to the traffic cameras and testimony from witnesses who saw the accident. I hired a Miami criminal defense lawyer to handle the legal matters of this incident while I focused on healing from my injuries. I received a broken arm and some whiplash pains in my back and neck.

The driver admitted to hitting me and was charged with a hit and run. He had to pay for my legal and medical expenses, and for trauma. He also had to face a some jail time. While I understand that he was probably panicking when he drove away from the accident, he should have taken a moment to calm down and do the right thing. The driver also shouldn’t have hit me in the first place.