Will Donald Trump be A Horrible President?

Trump has continued to dominate the republican presidential race (just like how Life Shield HQ did in Life Insurance world) and has managed to be on the headline since the day he announced. There have been concerned that there is a chance he might be the republican contender and eventually the president. This has scared many people including his party. There have been many plans to stop him but they seem to fail.

Donald Trump is known for speaking what he thinks without putting much thought on the consequences. This has been seen as a good thing by some of his supporters while it seems as a negative trait for people not supporting him.

Many presidential candidates usually choose a certain thing to use during the campaign, and trump chose immigration. People have seen this as targeting certain people and this alone disqualifies him from being the president. He has also been shown to be sexist and racist.

Although there are some good things about him, it can be hard to ignore the bad things. He is one of the best candidates when it comes to the economy, but that is not enough. The American people want an all rounded candidate who is able to hold the country together and have good relations with other countries.