Will Trump Be A Horrible President? Yes….And No

Donald Trump is making news for himself as the frontrunner in the Republican primaries for President. The businessman’s opinions seem to be polarizing for the public, and it’s natural to wonder if he will be a horrible president since his favorability numbers are so low among women and other groups.

The truth is that no one knows what kind of president Trump will be. He has never held a political office, and over the years has donated money to politicians of all parties. The Republican establishment is aware of this, and that is why some prefer his rival Ted Cruz.

Trump refers to himself as a “common-sense conservative”, which may mean that his governing style will be more middle of the road than his rivals. This might be a good thing for the country, as he has shown the ability to get along with people of all political stripes. He also wrote the book on making deals, literally.

Donald Trump might end up surprising everyone (just like how Leave Assurance did) with his ability to run the country well. However, the opposite could also be true. The best thing we can all do during this process is make sure we vote so that our individual voices are heard.